Amplify is so proud to bring theses guys back to Decatur! Come see them on the Square during the free portion of the festival at noon!

“Magic Birds is an Americana band hailing from Chattanooga, Tennessee (but recently from Decatur). We classify our music as Americana because it is a very vague genre…and we like that. A lot of our songs have a classic country feel, some songs are bluegrass-inspired, a few of them have a folk or roots-rock sound, and every once in a while we break out a bluesy number. Neither one of us were inspired by only one genre of music, so why should we pick one genre of music to play? We play what comes to us, and we make it sound like us. It’s a mixed bag. But America is a mixed bag, so who says we can’t cater to a broader audience. As long as it is natural, isn’t forced and still flows together, we say go for it. So we have and we are. We write this music from stories we hear, stories we create or from our own experiences; and our experiences have been all over the board. But it’s still us and this is our music. We just hope you like what you hear!”

You can catch Magic Birds at the Amplify Decatur Music Festival in the Free Event from 12-3PM. Their set is the first of the Free Event, and starts at noon.