Don’t miss the Dammages, also from Decatur, during the free portion of the Amplify Decatur Music Festival at 1:30 PM on June 18!


2 cups good time, a shake of country, a pinch of blues -all smothered in Rock n’ Roll. Led by the powerhouse vocals of Tammy Dammann, the Dammages are Sean Dammann (guitar), Dave Duncan (guitar), Rick Hale (Bass) and Jim Clanin (Drums). The roots of The Dammages began on a fateful Saturday afternoon in Statesboro, GA circa January 1990 when Sean auditioned to replace the guitarist in “Tammy’s Band.” While that line up was not destined to for Rock n’ Roll fame, the musical collaboration between Sean and Tammy started a 20 yr+ journey. Sean continues to lay down the rock solid guitar riffs behind Tammy. Jim Clanin added his thunderous drumming the Dammages in 2013.  Guitar virtuoso Dave Duncan (Rockin’ Bones) added his licks to the Dammages sound in September of 2010. Dave’s unique talents and top shelf shredding were the perfect touch to a dual guitar assault. Bassist Rick Hale first got Dammaged at the Taste of the Town in August 2011 and he never left the pocket. He provides the thundering bass that holds down the back line.

You can catch The Dammages at the Amplify Decatur Music Festival during the free event from 12-3 PM. Their set begins at 1:30 PM.