Three Taverns Brewery

Three Taverns Brewery is the official craft beer provider of the Amplify Decatur Music Festival.

The story of Three Taverns began when founder Brian Purcell tasted beer brewed by Trappist monks during a road trip through Europe. Many years later, Brian was served a glass of Le Trappe beer at Decatur’s own Brick Store Pub. The nostalgia drove Brian to purchase his own home brewing kit.

One thing lead to another, and in 2013 Three Taverns Brewery poured its first brew. Three Taverns’ signature ‘Monastic Series’ of beer draws it’s name from the moment that ultimately drove Brian Purcell to pursue this career.

Three Taverns has adopted the slogan “transcendo mediocris” or “surpass the ordinary”. The brewery barrel ages their beers to add flavor, and allows the beer to gradually carbonate after it has been bottled. Three Taverns strives to produce the best product possible, even if that means choosing quality over quantity.

Amplify Decatur is thankful for Three Taverns Brewery generous support, and is proud to serve their products at the Amplify Decatur Music Festival.

If you’d like to learn more about Three Taverns Brewery, you can visit their website, or responsibly sample one of their beers at either the Amplify Decatur Music Festival or any one of the local bars and restaurants that carry their products.