Eddie’s Attic

Located just off the Decatur Square, Eddie’s Attic is one of Atlanta’s best live music venues. The Amplify Decatur Music Festival celebrates its 25th Anniversairy!

Eddie’s strives to create an intimate and special experience for its audience. The small venue size combined with the sophisticated sound system and acoustics create a live music experience like no other. Patrons of Eddie’s Attic are encouraged to silence their cell phones and fully experience the music.

Now in its 25th year in business, a number of household names such as John Mayer, Sugarland and The Civil Wars have gotten their start performing at Eddie’s Attic. Many more such as the Indigo Girls, Sheryl Crow and Ani DiFranco have graced the venue’s stage. Any given night one can head to Eddie’s Attic to find exceptional live music, comedy, and poetry. In addition, they also provide an exceptional menu and a full bar.

Eddie’s Attic was the host of the inaugural Amplify Decatur event in 2011, and has hosted five more Amplify Decatur concerts in the years since. These events have combined to raise over $80,000 for Decatur Cooperative Ministries and spread the word about Amplify Decatur.

This year, Eddie’s Attic will be hosting a three night stand the weekend of the festival featuring some of the best local music Decatur has to offer.

Eddie’s Attic has been with us every step of the way, and Amplify Decatur would not be where it is today without their devotion to live, local music, and generous commitment to our cause.

If you’d like to learn more about Eddie’s Attic or see a comprehensive schedule of live events at the venue, you can visit their website.