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Lenz Marketing is the official presenter of the Amplify Decatur Music Festival.

Lenz Marketing founder Richard Lenz brought his emphasis on customer service when he created the company in 1998. Lenz’s saying “business is personal” highlights Lenz’s belief that successful business ventures are founded on successful interpersonal relationships.

Through its network of external relationships, passion for marketing, and exceptional customer service Lenz seeks to provide clients the best means possible to grow their business.

Lenz provides a wide array of tools to help their clients reach their target audience, such as website maintenance, creation of print television and radio advertisements, and distribution of email newsletters.

Lenz has won several awards for their advertising campaigns, and some of their most notable clients include Dekalb Medical, the Decatur Book Festival and South Coast Health.

Lenz VP of Marketing Mike Killeen is also the founder of Amplify. Mike has been an unparalleled factor in Amplify’s creation and growth, and his initial vision of an organization that uses a community’s love of music to combat poverty is still the foundation of Amplify’s ethos to this day.

Lenz has aided Amplify immensely as we continue to grow our brand. They’ve helped us manage our website, promote ourselves through advertising, and plan the Amplify Decatur Music Festival and other events as we continue to raise funds to combat poverty.

Without Lenz Marketing’s dedicated and exemplary marketing assistance, Amplify would likely be unable to produce an event the size of the Amplify Decatur Music Festival. Lenz Marketing has been with Amplify Decatur since the very start, and we are continually thankful for their support.

If you’d like to learn more about Lenz Marketing, you can visit their website.