Iris & Bruce Feinberg

Iris & Bruce Feinberg are among Amplify’s most valued supporters. Back in 2011 when Amplify was just a few people with an idea and a drive to change their community, a generous donation from Iris & Dr. Bruce Feinberg allowed us to get up and running. This came early in Amplify’s existence at a critical time for the fledgling organization, and without the beneficence of Iris & Dr. Bruce Feinberg Amplify would not be where it is today.

Iris & Dr. Bruce Feinberg are major players in the Atlanta philanthropic community. Most notably, in 2010 the two created a $100,000 endowment fund for medical education at the Georgia Cancer Specialists, at which Dr. Feinberg served as Chief Executive Officer and President.

Outside of his medical and philanthropic career, Dr. Feinberg is a bestselling author, and you can hear him every Sunday at 3pm on WSB on his radio show The Weekly Checkup with Dr. Bruce Feinberg. Iris Feinberg also serves as a board member of Literary Action, Inc., the largest nonprofit provider of adult education in the entire Southeast.

Amplify is grateful for Iris & Bruce Feinberg’s continuing support.