Kristen is a true talent and Amplify is proud to have her during the free portion at 12:45 PM at the Amplify Decatur Music Festival on June 18.


Kristen Englenz learned to read music before words. She grew up learning to communicate through piano, guitar, french horn, and singing; and eventually added the human language and bird calling to the mix (she won an international bird-calling contest in 2009). Kristen’s mellifluous voice, catchy melodies, and deeply felt songs carry layers of meaning which peeled back reveal vulnerability and a window into the human experience. This along with her quirky and whimsical stage-presence has been catching the attention of the music scene across the Southeast.

You can catch Kristen Englenz at the at Amplify Decatur Music Festival in the Free Event from 12-3 PM. Kristen’s set begins at 12:45 PM.